Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Pete's Pond - Botswana

Thanks to Scrapshare *wink* I am totally addicted to watching live feed of a watering hole in Africa.

There are 2 that I am watching but the one where I've seen the most "action" so far is National Geographic live feed of Pete's Pond in Botswana, Africa. I'm watching a beautiful sunrise right now earlier tonight I saw 3 hyena's and an antelope plus what I think might have been a croc? swimming around in the water.

Check it out, you may get addicted too!

Click here: National Geographic live streaming video

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween!

One of the nice things that our work does is from like 4pm-6pm on Halloween employees are allowed to bring their children and/or grandchildren in to trick or treat in the building. Lots of people participate and it's fun to see all of the kids dressed up.

I ate so much candy today ... mainly Sour Patch Kids. I love sour candy and I am ADDICTED to Sour Patch Kids! I got to the point today where I had to stop because my cheeks and tongue will get sore :)

Hope everyone has a safe day/night no matter what you do and if you are out driving watch for little kids!

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Blogger Beta

I finally decided to upgrade to blogger beta ... very painless and seems to be easier to place things since you can drag and drop. Only thing I did lose in the transfer was my Scrapshare blog roll ... soon as the board is back up I can go in and get the code for it and plug it in then I'll be up and rolling 100%

In the mean time since the board has been down this weekend I've been "sprucing up" my blog here and my myspace page (

Can't wait till the board is back!

Weekend in review

This was a pretty quiet weekend, Friday I stayed home, caught up on sleep and things around the house.
Saturday night I went out with Jim, Paul, and Jean to State Grounds coffee shop in downtown Hastings to listen to Paul's nephew's band The BreakUps play. I had a toasted marshmallow hot chocolate ... very yummy! and we just enjoyed listening to the band.
After they were done we walked over to a bar for drinks and stayed there a few hours just hanging out. When they finally wanted to close down for the night we left to head back home, but not after Jean and I made a late night stop at Arby's :)

Today I am doing laundry and more laundry and watching Here Come the Brides season one on DVD.

I hope everyone is having a good weekend!