Thursday, March 27, 2008


Each time I log in to blogger I see my profile picture and think to myself that I really need to update it. One of these days :)

(Can you tell I really have nothing to blog about?)

Monday, March 24, 2008

So far no floaters

We got new fish (and 2 frogs) Saturday. They survived the critical 24 hour mark and I think they may live now.

A bit of back story - when Jim was moving (early Feb) he took the fish tank apart and put the fish in a bucket to be moved. All survived the move except one jumper. He landed on the kitchen floor.

The remaining 4 lived in that bucket on the kitchen counter for several weeks because we needed to get a tank stand.

Finally got a tank stand, set up the aquarium again, filled it up and then the waiting game began. Test water, try to balance Ph, lower ammonia, etc etc etc. Thought we had it ok and put the fish in.

Dead in less than 24 hours.


A few more weeks go by - vaccum, add water, add water treatment. Think we have it set ok again. I picked up some fish and another frog. Fish lasted about 28 hours. Frog survived.

At this point I have decided I have a black thumb when it comes to fish and won't buy any more fish. I'll just buy frogs.

A week or so later frog died. We think he got too hot. The heater was heating up too well and we think he cooked.


Did some more testing of water, got it figured out again and Saturday we decide to add 2 frogs and 4 fish.

So far so good. I think it's because I didn't pick them out :)

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Wedding Countdown: 5 months to go

5 months until the wedding!

In addition to what has been mentioned in my other post a month ago I have:

- Ordered our cake topper
- Ordered our knife and serving set for the cake
- Ordered champagne flutes
- Ordered personalized napkins
- Decided on the officiant for the ceremony
- Picked out the basic design for our cake
- Have bridesmaid and MOH gifts
- My MOH has ordered her dress
- The bridesmaids are making final decisions on their dresses

Still alot to do but it'll get done.