Friday, March 03, 2006

Cavemen Preferred Blondes

Found on AOL News

Cavemen Preferred Blondes
Research May Explain Why Light Hair Color Is So Common in Northern, Eastern Europe
A new study says cavemen were pulled in by the golden locks, thus populating Europe with blond and blue-eyed children.
(March 3) -- Back in the ice age, Northern European cavemen got all the chicks.

Thanks to a food shortage and a man shortage about 10,000 years ago, men were in such
demand they had their pick of mates.

With so much competition among women to find a mate, nature and evolution kicked in to give
some cave women a distinctive look to attract the opposite sex: blond hair and blue eyes.

So says a new study published in the British science journal Evolution and Human Behavior.

Are Blondes Mutants?

The study's author, Canadian anthropologist Peter Frost, concludes that although blond hair
and blue eyes started as a genetic mutation, men were pulled in by the golden locks and
baby blues, thus populating the area with blond and blue-eyed children.

While the rest of the world has predominantly brown hair and brown eyes, Northern Europeans
have the greatest variety of hair and eye color found anywhere, and Frost believes it
resulted from the sexual appeal of these traits.

"When an individual is faced with potential mates of equal value, it will tend to select
the one that 'stands out from the crowd,'" the study said.

Still, the study admits it's unclear why the mutation happened in Europe and not elsewhere.

The theory is backed by several other studies, including one conducted in Japan that found
that the gene responsible for blond hair appeared for the first time about 11,000 years
The Grass Is Always Greener

Though a caveman bachelor may have had no problem finding a date for Saturday night, his
existence was far from ideal.

According to the study, men of the time were forced to go on long hunting expeditions over
vast areas to find their prey.

With no means to preserve food for the journey, an unforgiving ecosystem and the risks
presented by the hunt itself, some men never made it back.

The ones who did were highly sought after.

To add to the difficulties, women weren't really equipped to gather food and the arctic
environment didn't allow for opportunities close to home. Frost argues that if a woman
wanted to eat, she needed a man.

Women had to attract men to survive.

Frost concluded that Mother Nature answered the call by introducing hair and eye colors —
like the more than seven distinct colors found in Northern and eastern Europe today.

If he is correct, it appears that even 10,000 years ago, blondes had more fun.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Internet Radio

I just found out the other day that the radio station I used to listen to all the time back home has internet radio now! I have it set up right now and am listening and starting to feel homesick! It took a few minutes to get it set up and going on my dial up but it feels so good to hear things about Seattle!

If you want to listen live online, check out 94.1 KMPS

There is a radio station here in my town that has internet radio also, check it out at 93.7 B93

Monday, February 27, 2006

Manic Monday

I'm not a morning person, or a Monday morning person at that. I knew going in today that we would be short 3 people in our little Level 2 group which would have left 3 of us today, well one called in so it's just myself and one other person. And I am working till 8 tonight since the one that called in normally covers till the end of the night, which is ok, the extra OT will be good. The two of us have divided up the day and will see what we can do. It's 11:30 and so far so good.

I don't have much to blog about right now, just felt compelled to post. There isn't even anything really good in the lunchroom today for lunch ...

Macaroni & Cheese $2.50
Herb Roasted Game Hen $2.75
Baked Potato
Spicy Black Bean Chili
Hearty Vegetable Beef Soup
Patty Melt $2.85

I may have someone get me something at Wendy's when they go out :)

Happy Monday!

Sunday, February 26, 2006

Shopping-filled weekend

So this weekend has been a pretty good one as weekends go, would have been nicer if it was 85 degrees and sunny out, but I did wake up to the sun this morning so it's a start, I'm sure it's 85 degrees somewhere :)

Saturday I got up early and went to Dawnn's house to help get organized for the PJ Crop she was having that night, she had gotten chairs that morning and snacks and sodas and then she and I were going to get chairs and last minute items, like the ingredients to make Midori Sours :)

We got loaded up on chairs and goodies and went back to her place to get everything straightened up, organized and set up. Good thing we did because we didn't have an extra moment because everyone started showing up. It was alot of fun last night, I didn't get much cropping done only a couple pages but I did get some things organized and I just had fun hanging out which was great, I needed it! To read more about the crop last night, check out Dawnn's blog here: PJ Crop

Today (Sunday)I went shopping with my friend Jean. We had an agenda to get pants and shoes. Normally I don't do well clothes shopping and usually end up buying a purse to make myself feel better ... today I did well. We hit Lane Bryant first, found out it is Real Woman Dollars going on starting Wednesday, plus she had 2 cards for $25 off $50 or more. I got 2 pairs of much-needed pants (black and gray) and a cute new shirt to wear with new much-needed pants and a cute cute cute black shirt to wear when I actually go out. I was going to only try it on but told her if I do and it's cute then it means we have to go out some night to a bar or something! It's black see-through with button down and cute scallop around the neck and then has a black cami underneath. I went for it. Plus we have 40% off cards and Real Women Dollars so we are planning to go back next week and get some other things since they will be on sale then plus the coupons and dollars we have so we should do well next week!
We went in search of shoes, I struck out there nothing in my size but she got lucky. We have plans this week to go shoe shopping for me. I need some heels to go with my new pants since they are kind of long and a heel would take care of that.

That was really my weekend in a snapshot. Not a bad one at all.