Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Date and a Diagnosis

We have a wedding date. It is officially 8/23/08. This date came about because we wanted something in summer and warm weather. Also a date in 2008 that was not too far away but far enough to be able to plan.

Jim thought of 8/23/08 and I thought it sounded good. We were originally looking at 8/30 but that is Labor Day weekend. 8/23 it is.

I heard back from a place about the reception site and it is available! She is sending me the rental agreement and I will just need to send it back with a deposit. Yippee!

As far as diagnosis, I have viral bronchitis. I've got some cough syrup with codeine for nighttime and an inhaler to help me get some air when I get on a roll with coughing. I'm starting to feel better already but it is sure slow going!

Next on the wedding list is to decide on colors and start dress shopping!