Saturday, September 23, 2006

Concert Review

Thursday night was the big night ... so worth it! I'll recap a bit of how the night went.

The 4 of us (Me, Jim, Paul, Jean) left from work after changing clothes and getting doll'd up. We went to TGI Friday's for dinner and drinks and then downtown for the concert. We had 11th row on the floor, we were less than 20 feet away from Eric they had the seats really right up to the stage!

We got there right as Robert Cray was starting, he's been playing and touring with Eric for years. Very talented blues/jazz singer

After he was done playing, about 30 minutes or so there was intermission while they set up the stage for Eric. We took a quick group shot ... have to record how awesome we all looked and how much of a good hair day Jean and I had *big grin*

A few minutes later Eric came out ... it started out with just his band and his piano/keyboard player doing some opening tunes to one of my absolute favorite songs, Pretending, then Eric came out and the lights came up and he launched into Pretending. I'm pretty sure poor Paul lost some of his hearing that night when Jean and I screamed because it was on our list of must hear songs! He hit the highlights and alot of my favorite Eric Clapton songs, Pretending, I shot the Sheriff, After Midnight, Wonderful Tonight, Cocaine, and my all time favorite ... Layla.

I can't even begin to summarize how great the show was so I am going to post some of the reviews about it, freakin' awesome is what was being said by all of us all night. After the concert we decided to go and get drinks while we waited for traffic to clear and went over to the BOB (Big Old Building) and went into one of the bars in there and had a drink (rum and coke for me) while listening to a singer doing various tunes from Margaritaville to Mustang Sally. He passed out sticks so everyone could be a "drummer" on their table and it was a good crowd, everyone singing lots of dancing. We stayed there almost 2 hours or so and then decided it was a work night and we should think about going home since we have to be at work at 8:30 the next day. I got home about 1:45 and to bed shortly after, but it's hard to sleep when you are still so keyed up. I was really tired at work the next day but so were 3 other people ... but if you ask me I wouldn't change a thing!

For whatever reason I can't post more than 2 pictures in this blog so I am going to post more in a separate post ... stay tuned!

The set list from Thursday night:

I Shot The Sheriff Sheriff
Got To Get Better In A Little While
Old Love (with Robert Cray)
Everybody Oughta Make A Change
Motherless Children

Acoustic Set:
Back Home
I Am Yours
Nobody Knows You When You're Down & Out
Running On Faith

After Midnight
Little Queen of Spades
Further On Up The Road
Wonderful Tonight

Crossroads (with Robert Cray)

Some reviews from the show:

21 September 2006
Eric Clapton & His Band: Van Andel Arena, Grand Rapids MI
Review posted in US Tour 2006 | Last modified on 22 Sept. 2006

Review by Dan Perkowski

This Grand Rapids stop was one high octane rock and roll show that the fans won't soon forget. What a crowd! What does it say about a show when the entire floor crowd stands for the whole show minus the acoustic section. Absolutley amazing. It was like like a 70's event relived....sights and smells included. The band fed off this energy and delivered a superb show.

Robert Cray started off the night with a crisp soulful set. 30 minutes is not enough for such a fine musician. When Eric took the stage, this place erupted.
From the opening chords of Pretending through the final leads of Crossroads 2 hours later, he was on and the band was on. All bandmembers were outstanding in their solos, of which there were many. Extremely impressive.....Derek Trucks on Running on Faith, Little Queen of Spades and Layla. Great slide work. Chris Stainton was outstanding on Old Love, Doyle had many fine moments.

What about the man? Simillar to the Cream reunion, being pushed seems to be was he thrives on. Highlights were Got to Get Better in a Little While, Old Love, Motherless Children, After Midnight, Queen of Spades, Layla , and Crossroads. In each song, he was able to find those notes and progressions that sets him apart from every other guitarist. Whether its wailing on the high notes or playing low on the neck, he makes it look so easy.

He appears to be having so much fun with this tour, it seems to have take his playing to another level. This was a great EC night. I can't wait for Saturday night. Get ready to rock Detroit.....

Review by James Murphy

Simply put,the best concert I have ever seen. No lulls in the action,No political statements....Just kick-ass guitars,keyboards and drums.I heard on the radio the next day that some people seemed to think everything was rushed.I didn't see it that way.The amount of music that was played in the two hours was awesome.I hope the man never stops touring and hope he continues with his habit of releasing a dvd from somewhere on the tour.I will be the frist one in line for that one!!!!! E.C. may really be God!!!!!

Review by Rob Bennett

The last 3 times I've seen EC in concert he was a little to adult contemporary for my taste. Not last night, baby! He blew the roof of the Van Andel Arena! I closed my eyes during the last half of Layla and I swear Duane Allman was up there with him. Derek Trucks is tremendous! Doyle, as always, was wonderful along with Chris and Willie. Not enough credit is given to drummer Steve Jordan. He finished out Crossroads while STANDING UP! The guy can pound the skins. Hope he tours with Keith Richards and the X-Pensive Winos again someday.

My 2 complaints on the evening were, first, that Robert Cray needs a longer set. 30 minutes doesn't do him justice. Second, I Am Yours?! I always jumped over that track with my needle. I'd rather hear Anyone For Tennis to be honest. Good to hear Motherless Children though.

Review by Susan Buckley - Battle Creek, MI

Best concert of his I've ever seen. Two hours of Clapton at his best. Showed off everything he's capable of doing, from the hard rock to blues to acoustic ballads. No breaking rhythm by constantly changing guitars, which can be annoying.

It was obvious Clapton was enjoying himself. Maybe it had something to do with the crowd. People in the floor seats, me included, stood most of the concert. And the ovation at the end was his reward.

Those attending the show in Detroit on Saturday night are in for a treat. Thankfully, I'm going to be one of them.

Review by Jan James - Whitehall, MI

What a show!!! I have been a fan pushing 40 years now. I had to keep pinching myself. It was almost a surreal experience. Although, since I have loved Clapton for so long, I wish he had done a little more Cream - "Sunshine Of Your Love", "White Room", some Blind Faith. As I said to my friends, Eric was mainly doing what he loves most, the Blues. Not complaining at all!!!! Clapton is really God!! Thank you Eric for bringing so much joy to my life for so long.

More photos from the concert...

Here is Eric during Pretending:

During Layla ... I managed to stop dancing and singing long enough to shoot a few more pictures :)

some more pictures:

Monday, September 18, 2006

New necklace

I got a new necklace today when I went shopping, nothing fancy or expensive. I have been looking for one for awhile to go with the awesome new blouse I have and I went back to Lane Bryant today and they had it! It is actually the one that was on the mannequin when I bought the blouse.

I was looking for new black shoes too since the ones I had broke but no such luck, I am just using my not-so-favorite back up pair right now.

Here's the necklace:

3 days left till the concert!
I'll blog more tomorrow, I am really tired tonight so it's sleepy time for me :)

Sunday, September 17, 2006


Diane is ...


Stacy's blog challenge for this week was an acrostic, I actually have had this on my MySpace page for quite some time, click here to go to the quiz to see what yours is.

I must admit mine is pretty right on as I am commonly called a "dizzy blonde" :)

Take the quiz or ask friends to help you with your acrostic and be sure and share!

And ... 4 days till Clapton! WooHoo!