Thursday, January 10, 2008

Any day now

this cough will end, right?

I had to get chest xrays today and I have a Dr appt tomorrow afternoon to look at said xrays and hopefully find out what is wrong with me.

Oh, and I'm waiting for a couple places to call me back about having our wedding reception at their location. I really want to lock in a date.

Not much else going on.

Monday, January 07, 2008

5 things I really miss

Remember how in my last entry I thought I might be getting sick? I was right. I got that nasty virus going around that leaves you with a horrific cough even you feel 100%.

I have had it for several weeks and I'm now thinking it's just part of me and will never go away.

Because of how often and how hard I cough it's causing me to miss several things.

1. Being able to sleep on my stomach. I am not cut out for sleeping propped up on 2+ pillows for weeks at a time.

2. Singing in the car. Singing leads to coughing which leads to choking and gasping.

3. Speaking a whole sentence without coughing.

4. Eating. My appetite is only about 35% returned

5. Sleeping through the night.

I hope this goes away soon. I just want to sleep on my tummy for a whole night without waking up choking and gasping.