Thursday, May 17, 2007

Word of the Day

I'm stealing this idea from Heidi *wink*





immediate or intuitive recognition or appreciation, as of moral, psychological, or aesthetic qualities; insight; intuition; discernment: an artist of rare perception.

the result or product of perceiving, as distinguished from the act of perceiving; percept.

to recognize, discern, envision, or understand: I perceive a note of sarcasm in your voice. This is a nice idea but I perceive difficulties in putting it into practice.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

I'm the birthday girl!

Happy Birthday to me!

Today was a good day, I didn't take the day off from work since I didn't have any plans and I was pleasantly surprised to find a funny card from my co-workers on my desk this morning.

I opened my presents from my parents and grandma this morning before work and was pleasantly surprised to find lots of goodies including beef jerky I can't get here, a gift card for Lane Bryant amongst other things and 2 bags of Tim's Cascade Potato Chips made with Johnny's Seasoning Salt!

I was totally surprised at work today with a present from a friend at work, some Godiva chocolates (white chocolate with raspberry truffle!) and a yummy smelling body mist from Victoria's Secret. I smell so good!

After work Jim and the boys picked me up and took me to dinner at Red Robin. Great food as usual and a fun time at dinner. He told the server it was my birthday so they did the big song to embarass me and gave me some balloons and free dessert (yum!) and he got me an external CD/DVD burner for my laptop. I had mentioned wanting one but it was one of those things that I wouldn't buy for myself or if I did it would be really low on the list so I was happy to get it and now I just need to get some CD's so I can burn stuff!

I came home and watched American Idol, Dancing with the Stars result show and the ACM's - gotta love DVR and fast forwarding :)

Thanks to everyone who sent me cards, comments, PMs and wished me a good day - it really was and all of those notes made it a great birthday :) One of my oldest and dearest friends sent me an e-card and told me that 29 isn't so bad once you get used to it ... so far so good!

13 minutes until my birthday is over. Time to finish the show I'm watching and head to bed!

Monday, May 14, 2007

Beekeeping 101

Saturday was bee day!

Jim went and picked up the bees from someone in Holland and then I met him so we could take the bees out to his parents where he's keeping them. It was worth getting up early in the morning for!

I've learned alot about honeybee's and they are very peaceful to watch! I brought along his digital camera and was snapping away!

Here they are waiting to be taken out of the van:

Their new home:

Jim (who at first balked at having his picture taken then soon realized he wouldn't have a choice. I am a scrapbooker after all!)

Inside the nuc box

It was really cool to see. I got buzzed a few times but it was more curiosity I think like who is this? Does she have pollen? Nope, she doesn't lets move on.

No one got stung either, honeybees are very docile unless something gets them riled up but they are no where near the agression level of yellow jackets!