Saturday, June 30, 2007

Day 3 - Maine and Chunky's

Friday was the day to go up to Maine! Anyone that knows me knows that one of my goals in life is to visit all 50 states and in this trip I was able to add 3 more to the list of places I've been!

We got in the van and headed up to Oguncuit and Perkins Cove Maine. It reminded me alot of being back in WA.

Once we got there we started to walk the Maringal Way (a 1 1/4 mile walk above the rocky coast) and when we got started we saw dark clouds and some funnel like clouds on either side of us. We decided to at least get started walking.

Lobster traps

As we started taking these pictures it got windier and we started to feel some raindrops.

This one may become my Christmas card this year - Melissa did her Christmas card pictures up in Maine last year and I loved how they turned out and she told me when I come visit she'd take me and we can do the same. I think she's right!

After we took these we kept walking and not a minute later we got drenched! The storm cloud was right over us and it was thundering and some lightning in the distance. I love storms and watching one on the Atlantic is a sight to see. With the thunder right over our heads we started to head back into "town" and towards the car.

The whole storm lasted maybe 10 minutes and then we were left as drowned rats.

(If you ever need a smile during the day look at this picture and look at Payton. It's just precious and I laugh every time I look at it! What a face!)

Shortly after this picture we did some more shopping for souveniers (no pins, Dad, sorry. I did get some postcards, a fridge magnet, and a stuffed lobster beanie that said Maine)and we dried off and we took off back to the van to head into Oguncuit to go to the Life is Good store and do some more shopping and get ice cream!

Some pictures of Perkin's Cove after the storm blew through

After going into town and visiting the Life Is Good store and getting ice cream (I had *the best* raspberry sorbet!) we left because Payton needed to get picked up and we were going to Chunky's Cinema and Pub to see Knocked Up and Sarah, Nell, and Amiee were meeting us at Melissa's.

After we got back we got cleaned up and I redid my hair and set set up the tripod for some group pictures before heading to Chunky's.

Chunky's is something I've not heard of but had seem something similar on Food Network once. It's a cinema and pub where you go into the theater and sit at long tables in Cadillac car type seats, order your dinner, and eat it while watching the movie. So much fun!

Knocked Up is a hilarious movie and I will definitely purchase it when it comes out on DVD, it's one of those with tons of quotes and I think the more you watch it the more you get and the funnier it gets.

After the movie Nel went home and Amiee came back with Melissa, Sarah and I to Melissa's for the night and Christina was there when we got back!

We stayed up way too late talking and going through our goodie bags that Melissa thoughtfully put together for us (I need to find those pictures) and then went to bed around 2am with plans to get up about 7 so we could get ready for the day in Boston!

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Day 2 - Salem Massachusetts

Thursday started out by sleeping in much later than 3:45 am and after Payton got dropped off and had a quick morning nap we headed out to Salem, Massachusetts.

Most know Salem from the 1692 witch hunt and trials but it also has alot of maritime history and is just a fun place to spend the day!

After we got there and parked we walked around and did some shopping in the shops and then had a quick lunch of hot dogs and ice cream and went to wait for the trolley to take us on a tour of Salem.

Some of the things we saw:

Burying Point
The oldest cemetery in Salem. Contains the graves of a Mayflower pilgrim and witchcraft trial judge John Hathorne.

Witch House
The only structure still standing in Salem with direct ties to the 1692 Salem Witch Trials.

Pickering Wharf
Salem's gateway to seafaring activities.

Essex Street area and Old Town Hall

Chestnut Street
A Registered National Historic Landmark, considered one of the most architecturally beautiful streets in America, is a showcase of grand antique houses.

Some other photos from the day in Salem:

Outside the pirate museum:

These are just a couple of the photos I have, I will share more as I get them.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

New England trip - Day 1

Wednesday was travel day, my flight was scheduled to leave at 6:30 am. I got up about 3:45 to get ready to get picked up by a taxi at 5am. I got to the airport and got in line to check my bags - I was already checked in since you can do it online up to 24 hours ahead and found out the flight was delayed until 10:30 due to crew needing a rest. The attendant at the counter told me to stand by and she was going to try to get all of us on the 6:30 onto the 8:30 am flight - which she did. I gave up my exit row seat but she got me the first seat in coach so there was still a ton of leg room.

I got through security and was sitting by the gate ready to go at 5:30 am. Now what? I had 3 hours to kill. I called and left a VM for Jim at work to let him know we were getting a late start and settled in with my book and iPod.

The flight from Grand Rapids to Detroit to catch my connection was uneventful. Got to Detroit and had an hour to make my connection so I stopped at McDonalds for a coke and hasbrown and went to the gate.

The flight from Detroit to Boston was quick and uneventful, I read a bit and dozed a bit.

Melissa was going to pick me up at the airport and we had arranged for her to circle so she wouldn't need to park and bring Payton and everyone in, it'd be easier for me to meet her outside and get picked up.

It ended up being Melissa and Sarah that got me and Sarah had her girls with her and Melissa had Payton, the little girl she nannies with her. On the way out of the airport I made a quick call to Martha to let her know I'd landed and we were on the way to lunch!

Melissa, Sarah and I had plans to meet Martha for lunch at Kellys Roast Beef in Saugus and we found out that day that Liz (Synapse) was joining us!

Lunch was great and it was so fun to meet new Scrapshare sisters in person!

After lunch we needed to get back on the road as Maddie and Sarah's daughters had swim lessons. Our group photo from lunch:

from the left: Martha (Martha in CA), Liz (Synapse), Sarah (Crazyredhead), Melissa (Maddiesmommy), and Me (Emmylou)

After swim lessons Melissa and I went to the mall to get some stuff for the goodie bags for Christina's bachelorette party on Friday night/Saturday and went to Michael's.

The new thing at Michael's is the Martha Stewart scrapbook collection and there's been lots of hoopla about it on Scrapshare because some employees at Michael's had to wear white gloves when stocking the shelves, etc. plus some of it's just wayyyy expensive. I had to take some pictures.

I couldn't get over $4 for a package of cupcake paper cups!

After shopping and hitting the semi-annual clearance sale at Bath and Body Works we went to dinner at 99. Great food!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

I'm back home

I am back home now, I had a GREAT trip and tons of stories and pictures to share! It will take awhile to share it all so I will probably do what Heidi does and break it into chunks and blog an adventure at a time.

In spite of what Melissa may tell you, I did make my flight and we weren't cutting it *too* close! Flight was uneventful, I dozed a bit, had a layover in Detroit and stopped at McDonalds for a coke and hashbrown then boarded the plane back to Grand Rapids where we came in about 10 minutes early.

I met Jim for lunch at Burger King and I am going back over there tonight to pick up Abbie and Willow and have dinner.

I really need to unpack but I'm really uninspired. I think I'll just lay on the couch instead.

Here's a picture to start out with, with many more to follow. This is at Quincy Market in Boston