Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day

I hope everyone had an enjoyable day if you celebrate or not, and didn't OD on chocolates!

I had a great Valentine's Day in spite of the fact I was working *lol*

I got in this morning and found a cute valentine bag on my chair and it was from Jim! I got a funny, cute card, some Dove milk chocolates, a Tinkerbell wallet (you know the plastic velro ones little kids have?) and a beautiful silver necklace with a heart. It is so pretty. I can't wait to wear it tomorrow :)

Then after I got settled in I had a voice mail from the front desk letting me know I had a delivery!

I ran out to the lobby and I had roses from Jim! Total surprise, I was smiling all day each time I looked at them or thought about it. A beautiful arrangement of roses and ferns and baby breath in a beautiful vase. He totally spoiled me! This was first time I ever had a flower delivery at work that was not from my mom or aunt!

I gave Jim his card and heart shaped candy box first thing this morning and told him I had the rest of his gift but I didn't want to give it to him at work, I'd give it to him in the parking lot after work *lol*

The men in our department also got together and collected some money and got each of us girls in the department a rose and passed them out. It was really sweet and thoughtful of them!

I got him some Conversation hearts since that is tradition in my family, and I gave him a box for each of his boys too just 'cuz and his main gift from me was an album I made. I used the Trisha Yearwood song, What I like About You, as the basis for the album and left some pages blank to fill in as we go since we've just begun. I think he really liked it and I was so happy that I could make it for him. I love giving gifts!

Hopefully my Scrapshare Secret Valentine got her package today, I haven't seen a post yet today but I hope she likes what I got. I haven't gotten mine yet, but I was a procrastinator in mailing mine and I know many other ladies were too so I'm not worried it will be just as fun to find it tomorrow when I get home!

Here's hoping your day was a good one!

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Slave to the Habit

Friday night after stopping at Culver's for dinner, Jim and I went to Barnes and Noble. I love B&N and I love that they have a used book section. I was perusing through and picking up several books when I got to the used CD section and I found a CD of an artist that you hardly ever hear of or from, Shane Minor.

The CD was $2 so I couldn't resist. I loaded it into my iPod and was pleasantly surprised to get one of my favorite songs of his on it today in the rotation, Slave to the Habit.

It was just what I needed for a good pick me up today! I'd link to a page of his but the CMT page I am trying to link to is not responding! Guess you'll have to Google it.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Just another regular day

So I was feeling peer pressured into updating my blog. I don't know if I'm the only one but sometimes when I don't feel I have anything to say I don't blog. Not that I ever really have anything *great* to talk about on here but I hope ya'll know what I mean.

This past week was busy, hung out with Jim, went to a hockey game Wed. night, finished my swaps for Scrapshare and mailed them! and caught up on sleep over the weekend.

I've decided I really need to get myself on a sleep schedule. I've said this before and I have yet to do it, I start out with good intentions but after a few days or a week I'm back in my old habits. I've decided I need a DVR, that way I could record shows I don't want to miss and then get to bed earlier.

Since that won't happen anytime soon I'm just stuck in the same ol' same ol' staying up late, sleeping and waking up feeling tired. Then using the weekends to catch up.