Wednesday, August 01, 2007


Saw it over the weekend. Great movie and musical - I much prefer to it the other one that starred Ricki Lake.

If you haven't seen it, go see it. Pick up the soundtrack, too. (I haven't yet but will soon)

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

RIP Sushi

October 06 – July 07
Sushi, pet betta fish of Abbie and Willow jumped to his death in an accident over the weekend. I will tell you this is one of those funny ha ha ooohh kinda stories.

Sunday afternoon I was cleaning out the tank as I’ve done tons of times. I put him a glass of water so I could rinse out his tank, wash off the plants, rinse gravel, etc. Nothing out of the ordinary. Willow was sitting on the counter watching Sushi in the glass like normal.

After I got done and got the tank filled back up with fresh clean water I picked up the glass to pour him back into the tank, as I had the glass tipped to pour him in he jumped and landed in the garbage disposal side of the sink!

I saw part of his fin that kind of got caught in the stopper for the disposal so I grabbed a spoon and figured I could scoop him out and dump him back in the tank and he’d be traumatized but no worse the wear. I couldn’t get him and then as I was trying he ended up falling down into the disposal. Not knowing what else to do I decided that it was best if I ran water and flooded him and then turned the disposal on.

Willow was still sitting and watching this whole thing, at one point he came over and was looking into the sink and drain with me and then gave me the big green eyes that looked like he was asking what happened to his friend. Talk about making me feel guilty!

After the disposal had run for about 5 minutes I figured it was done and quickly went to Meijer to get Sushi II for Abbie and Willow.

Sushi II isn’t as friendly as Sushi I was but he’ll come around. I just don’t think he knows what to make of Willow and Abbie. When I feed Sushi Willow hears me open the drawer the food is kept in and gets up on the counter and when I open the tank he puts his nose in the water and “follows” Sushi around. Sushi I got used to this and would swim up to see him, Sushi II just hides behind the plant. He’ll come around in time.