Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Yeah... it's still cold

That about sums my week up so far :)

Oh, and those that love their Tastefully Simple goodies the new spring/summer line comes out in March. If you need to stock up on the winter goods before it goes away I'm happy to help.

Also, I do know that 3 of the products are going away. Stock up before it's too late:

Creamy Wild Rice Soup - this will return Fall '07
Howlin' Horseradish - once it's gone it is gone!
Sweet and Sassy Mustard Sauce - same as the Horseradish, once it's gone it is gone for good!

Hope everyone else is staying warm!

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Blizzard '07

This week winter arrived full force. It's been really cold, temps down to below zero and worse with the wind chill factored in, lots of snow, and just all around yuck.

I guess that's one nice thing about being home sick all week, I hadn't left my place since Wednesday when I went to the doctor. Today I went out to find my car and dig it out. I must have brushed and scraped off a foot of snow off my car. The drifts around my car were up to me knees and it took a few minutes to find the rear of the car. We had that much snow.

We were under blizzard warnings Saturday and alot of wind causing blowing and drifting of snow. Today I realized I still had Jim's digital camera and took some pictures from my deck.

Yes that is snow hanging over the roof and just stuck there. Even the ducks seem to have disappeared into their nests and hiding spots under the trees to wait this out.

I don't like driving in snow, but looking out the slider it is rather peaceful and serene.