Friday, October 12, 2007


I broke down and turned the heat on this morning.

It was in the 30s outside and I was freezing!

I knew it was cool last night when I dug out a sweatshirt and socks and then when I was petting Abbie and Willow the tips of their ears were cold and Sushi and Sapphire where just kind of hanging mid swim in the tank that I was freezing us out.

I got home tonight and kicked the heat up a bit more so now it's comfortable in here.

Hard to believe I went from running the air to heat in a week!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Mary Janes

I've not had much to blog about lately and I was reminded it's been awhile since I blogged (Hi Mom!)

I don't think I've posted about my love of Crocs lately. My newest pair arrived yesterday!

Red Mary Jane Crocs!

If you like the idea of Crocs but are put off by how large and "ugly" the originals are then I recommend the Mary Janes - they are smaller and daintier and cute!

I got red and I definitely am going to need more colors of these!

I also found these new ones and can't wait for them to be available for purchase - I can wear these at work! Alice suede crocs