Thursday, July 26, 2007

Who's your Tiger?

Saturday I took Jim and the boys to Comerica Park for a Tigers game for Jim's birthday present from me.

I really like live baseball and hadn't been to a game yet this season. We left around noon (game time was 7:05) so we could drive to Detroit and get parked and be there early so we weren't rushing and stuck in traffic. Last year we got stuck in traffic and missed the first half of the first inning.

We got there with about 3 hours to spare and decided to take the People Mover around to kill some time and see different parts of Detroit and then got back to get in line when the gates opened.

The game was fun, it was tribute night to the Negro League so the teams were in throwback costumes of the Detroit Stars and Kansas City Monarchs.

The boys:

The Tigers won in the 10th with a walk off home run. Last year when Jim and the boys were at a game it also ended with a walk off home run so now the boys think they're the key to Tigers winning with these walk offs :)

(Yes, there's a story behind the ears - I saw someone wearing them last year during the play offs on TV and told Jim I wanted a pair and when I saw them I had to get them)