Wednesday, March 14, 2007

70 degrees!

(I realized I wrote this yesterday in Word and forgot to copy/paste into blogger until tonight)

Yesterday the weather was wonderful and 70 degrees. It felt great to not wear a coat and have the windows open. Everyone seemed to be in better spirits too ... it's amazing how much weather can affect you.

Today it's not as warm and it's in the 40s now but at least it's not snowing =)

Sunday, March 11, 2007


Zoie went to the big kitty box in the sky on Saturday. She was 13 1/2. She stayed with my parents after I moved away and each time I went home she still remembered me.

Her health started to decline a bit the last few weeks so Mom mentioned it to me so I was figuring it could be soon that she would need to be put down so she wasn't hurting anymore.

It's going to be strange the next time I go home to not see her there waiting for me.

Gonna make it after all

The weather has been awful lately and yesterday the sun came out! Today the sun is out and it's 48 degrees out. It's days like this that give me hope that spring will arrive and soon it will be warm out all the time.

I was out earlier and had the window down in the car and it felt good to have fresh air that isn't below zero air coming in!

Right now I have the slider open to get some air in and Abbie and Willow are enjoying watching the ducks walking across the still semi frozen late.

I think Spring is on it's way!