Thursday, May 31, 2007

I'm official!

I have a website for my Tastefully Simple business!

Check me out here: Diane's Tastefully Simple site

Allergies gone awry

So it's the first of June and my allergies went to heck on me. It started Sunday with my throat feeling weird. No biggie, kept popping the allergy pills. Tuesday I was fine, wake up Wednesday and have no voice! Today I'm better but now have the inevitable sinus pressure and pain.

Thankfully my Dr. is awesome and they are pretty easy to get appointments with - I wasn't picky, I'd see whoever would get me in today. I got an appointment and got a prescription for some new allergy nasal spray and for antibiotics to kill all of it.

I had made a comment over the phone to the nurse that it was the first of June and time for my annual sinus infection and when I got there she commented on it and said that after I told her that she went through my chart and saw that I was last in for the same issue 6/6/06! I told her at least I'm consistent :)

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Weekend update

I love long weekends except they always seem to be too short.

Saturday afternoon Jim and I went to see Pirates of the Caribbean 3 - very good movie. Make sure you don't get a large soda and stay through the credits. If you do get a large soda prepare to make a dash after the end credits and the final scene. By then those that didn't wait until the extra scene will have left and will leave you a clear path to dash out of the theater to the restroom. I speak from experience :)

After the movie we went to Costco and then out to church as it was his Saturday to lock up.

Sunday I was invited to Jim's parents for a cook out and to hang out with them and his sister and brother in law and their boys. It was a fun afternoon eating way too much! and just hanging out and chatting. I have lots of fun out there and enjoy spending time with all of them.

Monday we went to Charlton Park and wandered around and went into the buildings that were open and taking lots of pictures. I will try and post some that I took on the digital before the batteries went out. The rest are on film.

It was a nice, busy weekend while still managing to be very relaxing. I just wish it were longer and I didn't have to go back to work today. Oh well, vacation is coming soon.