Monday, February 26, 2007

Total Money Makeover Live

I was waiting to blog about this until I had some pictures, then saw the pictures and can't believe I am going to share them. Please pretend that I am photo-shopped so I look decent!

Anyhow, Jim, Dawnn and I volunteered at the Dave Ramsey Total Money Makeover Live Event on Sat. Feb 17th here in town.

Jim and I got there just before volunteer orientation at 9 and met up with Dawnn. They gave us a brief overview of what we'd be doing that day and were assigned out to our areas for "table training" Jim was picked to do security and Dawnn and I were assigned to work a product table before and after the show and during the breaks.

We were all given these bright bright yellow t shirts (no way you can miss us volunteers in those! Only thing I wish I could have changed besides the color was the size! Some of us prefer our tshirts large!)

After table training we were turned loose to get situated and meet our neighboring tables. There was a couple to the right of us that were smart and brought their cameras, I wanted to bring mine but since this was my first year volunteering I wasn't sure if I'd have a safe place to keep it so I left it at home. They were kind enough to take a picture of us at our table:

And clowning around with the large poster next to us:

Dawnn and I were heading to take one last bathroom break and stop at the vending machine so I could get some water and on our way we almost walked into Dave Ramsey! He had just come in and was coming to meet the volunteers. We stopped to chit chat for a second and he shook our hands and thanked us for coming out.

After we got back we were telling our "neighbors" that we met him and then saw that he was walking around to all the tables to meet the volunteers so we offered to take pictures for them if they'd take some for us.

Dawnn and I ran over to meet Dave again and decided to strike the same post as the poster picture and he was cracking up at us and seemed amused when we explained we were scrapbookers and this was going in our album :)

It was a loooonnnnggg day but so worth it, I had a blast and I couldn't even begin to tell how you much product we sold, each time we'd sell out of something one of us would run to another table to get more and I was even selling the stuff as I was walking back to my table!

Because it was so busy I didn't get to listen to the entire thing but I heard pieces of it and I have the books and a few DVDs.

Overall it was a great day and I was so glad I volunteered to go. If any of ya'll get a chance to volunteer or go hear Dave live, go for it! You won't regret it!