Saturday, April 21, 2007

Cider gone wrong

Friday after work Jim and I along with some of our friends/co workers went to The Hideout which is where one of our co workers lives, er hangs out. We call him Norm (you know, Norm from Cheers) because he's been talking about having us all come to visit for quite some time now and assured me that there was wine and some apple cider gone wrong that is now apple wine.

I had some of the cider gone wrong and it tasted great! It was like drinking a Granny Smith apple, I had a couple of glasses of it :) There was about 7 or 8 of us and we ended up leaving under 1:30am.

This morning I had to get up before 8 because I had an appointment for Dish Network to come out to try and set me up so I could ditch Comcast once and for all. Since they don't give exact times you just get windows - 8am to noon. He showed up at 9:45 and was able to get a signal but had to leave to go get a tripod and long pole to set it up and said he'd be back about 1pm. Now I am set up with Dish Network and I have a DVR! I'm totally addicted already and have the shows I regularly watch already set up on the timer to automatically record and I've been enjoying fast forwarding through commercials :)

I get the pleasure of calling Comcast on Monday and telling them to you know what with their overpriced service :)

Oh, and I got alot of compliments on my matching sandals and handbag - appropriately worn on Friday since I was drinking apple wine while wearing my apple colored sandals!

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Not much of anything

It finally is starting to feel like April again around here ... I'm so ready for sandal weather!

I did some summer shopping last night and got a cute handbag with matching sandals (I blame a certain Snow White in FTL for this because they are a cute apple-y green like a pair of sandals she was showing us on a message board!) so now I need something cute to wear with it :) I have a cute pair of capri jeans that would look good so I need a cute blouse now.

Not much going on ... stopped at Cost Plus Market tonight looking for these: Tim's Cascade Chips with Johnny's since Mom told me she saw them and was going to get them for me for my birthday and then when she went to get them can't find them but they didn't have any. I ended up leaving with a bottle of reisling wine though - it's sweet and tart and really yummy.

Pretty uneventful week so far.