Tuesday, March 20, 2007


Not much going on. Took Willow the vet this morning and he got neutered. I called to check on him this afternoon and they said he was ready to go home so I left a few minutes early to pick him up.

He's sleeping on the floor in the living room right now. I want to cuddle him but don't want to make him uncomfortable or hurt him by picking him up so I am leaving him be. He's such a doll.

When I went to get him this afternoon I told the girl I was there for Willow and she was like oh you're his mom, he's the cute gray tiger! He's pretty popular at the vet, what a ladies man *lol*

Not alot going on, watching American Idol and doing laundry. Really a quiet evening.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Vet visit

I took Thursday afternoon off for some mental health and to take Willow the vet. Hard to believe he will be 6 months old on Wednesday! He's gotten huge!

So we went to the vet, he's not real fond of the car ride, I think it's because he can't see out. Once we got there he got quiet and was looking around. One thing anyone that has met Willow knows is that he's not shy.

He was letting the girls at the front desk hold hiim and pet him and he was eating it up. What a ladies man :)

You would think that most cats/kittens would be scared at the vet and kind of hide while sitting/standing on the exam table, right? Not if you're one of my cats. Willow was ALL OVER the room, jumping from the table to the counter and back and forth and then sitting in the sink waiting for me to turn the faucet on so he could drink :) This is how the vet found us.

She said that he is a very healthy 6 pound, 12 ounce kitten and obviously not shy at all! He got his booster shots and some meds to get rid of some ear mites that just surfaced a couple days before I knew he was going in and he has an appointment to go back Tuesday to get fixed.

As we were leaving one of the other vet assistants said he was the cutest gray tiger she'd ever seen. I'm a proud kitty mom.