Friday, August 01, 2008


A couple months ago we bought kitty beds for Abbie and Willow. They are soft and kind of fuzzy like his favorite blanket. We figured he'd take right to them especially since I put his at the top of the stairs where he always sleeps.

Did he take right to them?


For a couple weeks I never saw him in it. Then one morning I noticed some kitty hair.


Still never saw him in it until one night I got up the middle of the night and saw him passed out in his bed.

A few nights later I caught him again in the middle of the night. Apparently it's a "you don't really see this. You don't have proof" kind of thing.

Until the other day.

This is what I found in the afternoon.

Cute isn't he?

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Ribbons and Tulle, and Tins Oh My!

This past weekend Brandi came over for the weekend so we could go to GASC and she also offered to help with wedding favors.

We got tons done!

The centerpiece is just a prototype. I've got it figured out (and have floral tape that's not white!) I just need to get more of the colored pebble things.