Saturday, April 28, 2007

An open letter to all cats

You.will.not.starve. if you can see the bottom of your dish. Yes, I am aware that I just filled your dish up last night with the last of the cat food. Yes, I have more cat food and it's in the trunk of my car. Maybe if you didn't eat so much I wouldn't have to buy really big bags and then leave it in the car because it's too hard to carry in with tons of other things.

It is also not acceptable to try and wake up your owner at 8am on a Saturday morning when she has a chance to sleep in to let her know that you did not ration your food for the night and ate it all in a panic.

Once again,

Staring at me is not going to make me go get that food any quicker for you. Once you let me wake up and get some caffine I will most likely go and get your cat food but I do ask that you don't try and escape into the hallway when I try to open the door to bring the food in. This is not a smart move on your part. You know who you are, Willow.


Concert update

So the Kenny Chesney concert is fast approaching, May 10th! Jim put the set of tickets for the 2nd show (May 11th on eBay) so if you want to go to that show please go bid on them :) He said if they don't sell we may have to go twice. That would be really hard on me and such a sacrifice! *heeehee*

I can't remember if I blogged about this or not but I did get tickets for Tim McGraw and Faith Hill too, in July. They are playing in the round and I didn't get tickets the day they went on sale but about 3 weeks later I was looking and found really great seats really close to the stage so I went for it. I had not planned to get them since they were a bit expensive and I have seen them before - but that was like 8 years ago. Now that I did get them I'm getting excited about it.

I don't know that I will hit 7 in '07 kinda like my 6 in '06 last for concerts but 2 is great so far :)

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Don't drink the water!

There is a boil water advisory for my area right now. There was a dip in the water pressure at the water plant and there is a fear of bacteria in the water so they are telling everyone in our area to boil our water before drinking it.

We can still do laundry if we use hot water, run the dishwasher since it runs with hot water and shower but can't drink it unless it's bottled or boiled.

I boiled some water tonight and have it in a pitcher in the fridge and got some odd looks from Willow and Abbie when I was using bottled water to fill up their water dish.

Willow was particularly sad this morning when I didn't turn on the faucet in the bathroom sink for him to drink from and play with - that is our routine.

They fixed the problem on Tuesday but are taking samples to make sure everything is safe so we may be able to use the water again on Thursday.

Definitely a city mouse

On Sunday this big city gal spent the day in the country! Jim invited me to the annual family Easter Egg/Scavenger Hunt. A little late this year since there were conflicts scheduling but the date was perfect, 80ish degree weather and sunny! Doesn't get much better than that at the end of April.

Anyhow, this was at his aunt and uncle's place and they have what I like to call a petting zoo! A bull, cow and twin calves, 4 horses, a donkey and barn cats! I had fun petting the cats and horses and looking at everything else.

I also got to meet his aunts and uncles, cousins and newphews and nieces. Everyone brought a dish or two to pass and something to throw on the grill and a lawn chair to hang out in. It was really nice to just mingle and enjoy some good food!

After we ate his uncle took everyone on a hay ride while the easter eggs were hidden for the kids and then the scavenger hunt for kids and adults. After that we took another hayride, this time over to this place called devil's soupbowl which is a huge thing that looks like a soupbowl. Several people climbed down it and then had to go back up the other side. I was content to just watch and walk over to meet everyone :)

On the way back we got stuck in the sand because the 4 wheel drive wasn't locking in. Everyone got off the trailer (we were sitting on hay bales) and were able to get the truck going and the 4wd locked in.

It was nice to spend the day outdoors and get some sun and meet the rest of his family. As his son said, all that's left is to meet the family in Kentucky!
I didn't get teased too much about being a big city gal and I really enjoyed my day out in the country! I still dont' think I could ever live on a dirt road but I would agree to living out of the big city a bit ... I'm making progress :)