Friday, January 19, 2007


I did it. I have resisted for over a year now. I finally was enabled.

I now own a pair of Crocs.

One of my Scrapshare Sisters enabled me. I blame her :P She posted about a deal on on Crocs, I looked and after putting a pair into my cart and free shipping, the total was $17.35. For that price and curiosity I went for it.

I got a pair of black Cayman Crocs. Like this: Croc Clicky

They came last night and they are comfortable! I can't imagine wearing them without socks, that felt strange to me, so I put them on last night with a pair of socks and it was very comfortable. I wore them today in and out of the building at work and am looking forward to better weather when I can wear them more and really get a feel for them.

Monday, January 15, 2007

Michigan Scrapshare Retreat

This weekend I got the pleasure of spending the weekend in East Lansing with 11 other wonderful Scrapshare Sisters!

My Friday started out at work, I was planning to work until noon then go home, finish packing, load up and head out. Except for Jody (Inkyfingers) I had one of the shortest drives of the group, just under an hour.

Jim took me to lunch at Wendy's and hten I came home to pack up, get the furry kids and their pet fishy settled for the weekend (Jim was going to come by to check on them Saturday for me) and loaded up and headed out!

I should have taken it as a sign when I got to Meijer and they didn't have any cherry coke. After cherry coke Dr. Pepper or Cherry Vanilla Dr. Pepper is my next favorite so I grabbed a 6 pack of them, some Oreo's for Momto, some sour patch bears, gummy cherry heart things, Salt and Vinegar chips, film and I was off.

My directions I printed from Google gave me wrong directions :( Instead of turning left on the main road to the Kellogg Center it said turn right. 20 minutes and a stop at the Michigan State University welcome drive thru direction place I was at the parking garage! Success! Almost.

Apparently I have issues with parking garages, I never knew it, but I apparently do *lol* I could not find my way into the hotel to save my life! I didn't realize there were 2 skywalks, and I was at the wrong one. After wandering around with my CM cart for about 10 minutes hoping someone would recognize me or my cart and claim me as a Scrapshare Sister, I got back in the car and drove around some more and voila! I found the right skywalk and walked into ReneinOH!

Friday night we all were getting there and getting settled and checked in. Jody and I went out to get dinner, McDonalds for her and I, Jimmy Johns for the others. We all crowded into the room I shared with Rene and had dinner and watched a few funnies on You Tube.

My goal for the weekend was to get my 3 swaps done and Friday night I got the Pet Swap done I was in, and it's like 5 weeks early! Unheard of for me.
I can't even tell you what time I went to bed Friday, all I know is Rene and I were talking (we were roomies) and it was late ... at least after 3am, possibly later.

Saturday I slept in till about 9:30 then felt bad that I had slept in so late, after all these ladies don't know about me and my weekend sleeping. I got up and showered in the bathroom that WAS the shower. Seriously. The bathroom is tiny and it's just a shower practically:

I did some work Saturday and then finished another border set for a swap and just enjoyed socializing with the ladies. We took a field trip Sat. afternoon to JoAnn's and Michaels and with the 50% off JoAnn's coupon I got a silent eyelet setter. Jody had one and I was coveting it and got mine 50% off! I also got a few packages of eyelets to go with it.

Saturday night we took the group photos and did some more cropping, and I finished my 3rd border for the swaps. I am now swap free. No more swapping for me. Or as Tiff says, no more swapping for another week, eh Emmy? :) I went up to bed pretty early Sat night (just after midnight) as I was tired, tipsy and had to get up at 6:30 to start testing for the release that was going in at work.

Sunday we all packed up and started leaving. Because we were due for a storm I left pretty early and was able to make it home no problem. I had such a great time and I miss all my Scrapshare sisters!

I'll post more pictures as I get them but I'll leave you with a group picture:

Front - SharonJordan5, tsbegley
Middle - momtomaxandaaron, Mary (a friend of Sharon), buckIscrapper, InkyFingers, ReneInOH
Back - bdren, bonnenuit, aimless, GoldieP, CMCEmmyLou, Betty Cropper

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Deal O' the Day

On the way home from the MI Scrapshare retreat (I will blog and post some pics later today or tomorrow) I had to stop and get gas in the car. No big deal. Got to the Speedway and was hoping that gas would be about the $2.08 it was on Friday. I looked a the pump and it was even better! I got gas for $1.98/gallon. Cost me a whopping $19.55 to fill my car. I haven't paid that little in ages!