Saturday, July 21, 2007

Sam Adams

Those that know me know I'm not a beer drinker. I'll try a sip or two of someone's just to see what it tastes like, etc. and since Jim brews his own at home I've learned alot about it.

Wednesday night we went to Buffalo Wild Wings for drinks and dinner and I ordered a berry margarita and he tried seasonal Sam Adams Cherry Wheat, at my urging because it sounded neat.

I think I found a beer that I like! This is what they have to say about it on the Sam Adams website:

Samuel Adams Cherry Wheat® follows the centuries old American tradition of brewing beer with native ingredients, in this case Michigan cherries as well as a touch of honey. The sweet fruitiness of the cherries is balanced against the crisp, cereal note from the malted wheat and the subtle citrus flavor from the Noble hops. The end result is a sweet, refreshing beer that is light on the palate but long on complexity.

Pretty cool that it uses Michigan cherries! I'm now on a search to find some of this, I think it'd make a great beer bread!

Thanks Sam Adams for making a beer I like!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Soul 2 Soul Tour II

I'm preempting my Boston updates to post about the Tim McGraw/Faith Hill concert Jim and I went to last Thursday.

Awesome concert!

We had incredibly close seats and got some great pictures!

Taylor Swift opened for them and I have to admit I was impressed. I think she is overplayed on the radio so I was take it or leave it with her as the opening act - we actually thought someone else not as well known was opening.

I found I really enjoyed her set, she's 17 years old and I didn't realize she wrote all the songs on the album. She's very spunky and not like she is portrayed in her video's.

After Taylor was done there was a brief intermission to set the stage and then Tim and Faith opened with a duet.

After that song they both left the stage and then Faith came back out to start her set.

After Faith's set she left and then she and Tim came back and did a couple of duets together and then she left and Tim started his set.

The picture didn't turn out but when Tim sang, Last Dollar, their oldest daughter Maggie came out and sang the end of it like she does with her sisters on the song and in the video. Very cute. She got a standing ovation and a ton of applause from the audience.

After Tim's set he left and then he and Faith came back out for a few more duets and Taylor Swift came back out playing guitar.

Faith and Taylor:

Even though the spotlight moved right as I was taking this I kind of like how it turned out.


Anyone want to RAK me the latest Norton Security protection for my PC?

I've not been blogging much as most of my free time has been taken up trying to get the junk off this computer. Grrr.