Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Tigers game

Friday night we went to a Tiger's game. A friend of ours had a pair of extra tickets so we took them off her hands.

It was fun going again so soon since we had just gone a couple weeks before for my birthday.

They lost.

I'm starting to think that we're jinxing them. Normally we don't go to a game this early in the season.

Some photos from the game:

Just to give you an idea how far up we were in Section 336, Row 16.

One of the highlights was the Tiger's coach got kicked out

A bit blurry but here we are

Sunday, May 25, 2008

A whole bunch of updates

It's been a busy, but fun, week. Lots of things going on and lots to update.

I don't have all the pictures uploaded yet so I'll probably post things out of order.

Today we did some shopping and picked up some deck/patio furniture.

Also discovered that one of the bushes near the fence to the backyard is a lilac bush that is starting to bloom: