Monday, July 07, 2008

The dress is in the house

Thursday I went to Becker's for my final fitting and to hopefully take the dress home. They got it out for me and I got to try it on again. The alterations were great and it just needed a touch more work up top.

They said that if I could hang out for a bit they'd try and get the final work done while I waited. No problems here. I had all day.

I did some shopping while waiting and picked up my earrings and garter. I'm now completely outfitted :)

About 30 or so minutes later they brought my dress back and asked me to try it on again. Like you need to ask twice. Got my dress back on and it's now perfect!

They pressed it again and put it in a garment bag for me and off I went.

It's now hanging in the closet waiting for the 23rd of August.